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  • Can you do a [fill in the blank] cake?
    We specialize in making your dream cake a reality, so the answer is probably "Yes!". Now, sometimes we don't have capacity or time to make a specific design, but never hesitate to ask!
  • When do I need to order by?
    Our standard response is 1 month before the day of pick-up, but many times we can accommodate orders on shorter notice
  • What if the cake I want is over my budget?
    Tell us that! We love getting creative to help clients design cakes within their budget! Email (, call, or contact us to inquire about pricing and design for your special cake!
  • Do you deliver and, if so, what's the cost?
    Yes! We offer delivery and setup of custom cakes and desserts. ​ Delivery and setup costs start at $60 and can increase depending on distance to venue, day/time , and involvement of setup. Set-up includes placing desserts on their respective stands/platters, so please make sure any display pieces that you’re providing are on the cake table ahead of our arrival. Set-up also includes placing florals and/or toppers.
  • Speaking of stands and platters, do I need a cake stand?
    Not necessarily- cakes are delivered on cake drums and can be placed right on the cake table, but you can use a cake stand to lift and dress up your cake display. You’re welcome to provide your own stand. If you do, we are happy to “vet” your stand to ensure its the right size to safely hold your beautiful cake. If you have single-serving desserts you are responsible for providing platters/stands.
  • How do we schedule a consultation?
    You can schedule a consultation online through this page, or you can call us or e-mail to schedule an appointment.
  • What should we expect from a consultation and what should we bring/how to prepare?
    During your consultation, we’ll cover cake(s) design and dessert options, as well as have you taste some cake and/or dessert flavors (which you’ll pick out beforehand). While you’re diving into your delicious desserts, we’ll work on writing up and costing out your design on an invoice, which we’ll walk you through at the end of the appointment. You’ll receive an emailed copy of your invoice and contract the same day as your consultation. ​ To prepare for the consultation, you should find some cake designs (Pinterest, Instagram and website gallery are great places to start) you're interested in and think about whether you want a bridal cake, groom’s cake, and/or other desserts (cupcakes, mini pies, brownies, etc). Bring pictures for design inspiration, and if you’re unsure about what you want, that’s okay too! We can chat with you about what you do and don’t like, and create a custom design based off of your personal preferences.
  • Where do I find inspiration for my cake?
    Anywhere! Our website, Pinterest, Google, a friend’s wedding, nature, an art museum, a cool building you pass every day on your way home from work- the world is your oyster (oysters could be cool inspiration, too)! The point is: we love creating. We’re artists, we love a challenge, and we love finding inspiration in anything and everything and using that inspiration to design a beautiful and unique cake especially for you. That being said, if you find the perfect cake design and want it recreated, we love to do that, too! Just keep in mind that the product may have artistic differences from the original.
  • What if we're too busy or live out of town and can't make it?
    No problem! We can email or chat over the phone about what you’re interested in, build an invoice based on that conversation and email it to you. Assuming you’re also interested in tasting cake flavors (which is the best part!), we can prepare a tasting on a to-go basis to be picked up at your convenience - we just need a couple of days’ notice to get your flavors together!
  • We've had a consult and are ready to book. What do we do?
    First of all- YAY! We’re so excited to bake for your big day! The first thing you’ll want to do is place your deposit to reserve your date. The deposit is half down, then the remaining balance the week of your event. All payments are processed through Square only.Once you receive your invoice you then have 48 hours to make your deposit payment.Once your payment is processed, we’ll email you an updated invoice to serve as confirmation.
  • Can we make changes to our order after placing deposit?
    Absolutely! We understand that a lot can change in the time between placing your deposit and the weeks leading up to the big day. You can make adjustments at any time up until two weeks before your event, at which point everything must be finalized.
  • When should we place our deposit?
    You can never book too early, and should plan to pay the deposit as soon as you know you want to book with us! We recommend placing your deposit ASAP in order to have the best chance of receiving a spot on our calendar. After that, we may start to fill up and cannot guarantee availability! But don’t let that time frame discourage you; even if your event is coming up fast, we may still be able to create amazing desserts for you. Just ask!
  • How can I make payments, payment policy?
    You can make payments through the square invoice you will receive in your email. Your final balance is due the week of your event date, and you’re welcome to make payments leading up to the deadline, pay early (as long as your invoice is finalized!), or make just one final payment at the time that it’s due.
  • How much cake should we have for our event?
    This is a tough one, and depends on a lot of factors. Are you having a large dinner, drinks, or appetizers? Are your family and friends really big sweets fans, or do they tend to favor savory food? Are you considering another vendor to provide an alternative dessert, like ice cream or donuts? ​ We typically recommend providing enough cake for everyone to have a slice, and even suggest providing some extra servings if you’re having multiple flavors. If you’re offering a dessert table and cake is just one type of dessert, you probably don’t need to serve it to everyone. These are all things we can chat with you about in your consultation and make a recommendation on that’s tailored to you and your guests!
  • How much is a wedding cake?
    Wedding cakes fall into a very wide range of prices, depending on size and design. Our cakes start between $9 -$11 per serving, and design typically adds to the total. Design work can range drastically in price, and so the best way to get a quote is to ask us!
  • Can you accommodate food allergies and/or other dietary restrictions?
    We do our best to accommodate food allergies, however we do work with 6 of the top 8 food allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and wheat) and cannot guarantee that there will not be cross-contamination.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    We do not offer any discounts. We work hard from the moment you schedule a consultation to the last bite of cake on your big day to be exemplary in professionalism, customer service, convenience and quality of artistry and deliciousness!
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